When it comes to keeping your community alive, attracting top talent and keeping them is essential.

According to Flint&Genesee.org:

“The Flint & Genesee Chamber has long focused on the importance of bolstering the region’s workforce by offering a variety of professional development courses and workshops for individuals and employees of local businesses. This mission has now expanded with an emphasis on supplementing talent attraction and retention efforts to support the region’s business community.

“Brianna Mosier has been tapped to coordinate the Chamber’s initiative, as the new director of organizational development. Inside Business spoke with Mosier to learn more about what this means for the future of Flint & Genesee as a great place to live, work and play.

“IB: Explain how this new role builds on the professional development workshops and trainings available currently through the Chamber.

“Mosier: Transitioning into this new role gives our organization the ability to approach community professional development from a more holistic approach. The workshops and trainings that we currently hold tend to be more of a one-and-done offering. My new role also expands services into a-la-carte training solutions, such as personalized workshops, training needs assessment and training program development, meaning employers can partner with our organization to ensure that their entire team is getting the continuous development that they are looking for, as opposed to just the single/handful of employees attending our workshops. We know that not all businesses have the resources to provide these opportunities in house, and its our hope that in expanding our suite of services will help local employers retain top talent and thrive in their industry.

“IB: What is meant by talent “retention” and “attraction”?

“Mosier: Talent retention refers to the work that our organization does to connect recent college graduates and individuals seeking employment with local employment opportunities, as well as further developing our existing talent pool in Flint & Genesee. A few examples of programming that contribute to this work are:

  • “Programming to engage future talent (e.g., Young Professionals Committee)
  • “Connecting employers with local candidates through various job fairs throughout the year
  • “Professional development opportunities from standalone workshops to yearlong development programs, such as Lead Now Flint & Genesee.

“Talent attraction refers to the work done to highlight Flint & Genesee as a desirable place to live, work and play to attract former residents and others with existing ties to our region back to our region.

“IB: What are some of ways you will seek to cultivate and attract new talent prospects?

“Mosier: The shrinking population is not just a Genesee County issue, but a statewide issue. Partnering and learning from other organizations will be crucial in the ongoing evolution of out attraction strategies. Last fall, we partnered with eight regions across the state in the Back to Michigan collaborative, which hosted a career fair for both candidates interested in relocating to Michigan and current residents seeking employment. We are stronger together, and we look forward to participating in large-scale initiatives such as these in the future.

“IB: Why is this such an important area of focus for Flint & Genesee community, as a whole, and the business community, in particular?

“Mosier: The Flint & Genesee Chamber believes a well-trained and motivated workforce is vital to the growth of our community. To give employers and employees the edge in today’s highly competitive work environment, our goal is always to provide relevant, timely, and high-quality training programs. Through these efforts, the organization continues to develop top talent right here in our own community.

“IB: Because this service is designed to assist area businesses and organizations with their staff development needs, how may a business or organization work or collaborate with you?

“Mosier: We’re looking forward to working with area businesses and organizations in the new year to help them further develop new skills and knowledge. For additional information, and to contact me directly, please visit our webpage for Customizable Training Solutions.

“IB: How does your role differ from the Chamber’s Education & Training division?

“Mosier: All talent initiatives within the organization are intended to build off one another. Currently, the Chamber’s Education & Training division focuses on developing future talent through programs like YouthQuest and TeenQuest, and talent development through programs like Flint Promise and Career Edge.

“My role is intended to complement the work that is already being done by ensuring talent initiatives are extended to our business community, which isn’t necessarily a target audience of E&T initiatives.”

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